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Overview of Ultralight Modules

Overview of Ultralight Modules

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(Optional) Cross-platform app runtime (source available here), responsible for creating platform windows, handling platform input events, running application event loops, and all platform-specific GPU code.


Responsible for managing Views, high-level rendering, input translation, resource policies, and event dispatch.


The core HTML/CSS layout engine (source available here), responsible for parsing resources, applying styles, calculating layout, and transforming the result into a tree of paint nodes (during rendering, we walk the tree and turn this into a GPU command list to be drawn by GPUDriver or our parallel CPU rasterizer)


The core JavaScript virtual machine, responsible for everything JS-related. We expose the full API for you to integrate deeply into your app.


Proprietary 2D CPU and GPU drawing library, responsible for all low-level graphics routines (paths, fonts, GPU command lists, CPU rasterization, tesselation, image cache, etc.).