Using the C API

In addition to our C++ API, Ultralight offers a portable C API for use within C and other languages.

Set Up Include Directories

To use Ultralight in your C code, add the following path to your project's include directories (replace <SDK_ROOT> with the path to the Ultralight SDK):


Include Headers In Your Code

Simply include <Ultralight/CAPI.h> at the top of your code to import the API.

#include <Ultralight/CAPI.h>

If you want to use the optional AppCore API (cross-platform windowing/drawing layer), you should also include <AppCore/CAPI.h> at the top of your code.

#include <AppCore/CAPI.h>

Ultralight also exposes the full JavaScriptCore API so that users can make native calls to/from the JavaScript VM. To include these headers simply add:

#include <JavaScriptCore/JavaScriptCore.h>