Installing Prerequisites

Before building any of the sample projects in the Ultralight SDK, you'll need the following:

Windows (Windows 7+, 10, 11)

macOS (Sierra or later)

  • Git (on latest macOS you can just type git from Terminal to install if it isn't already)
  • CMake (May need to run the "Install Command Line Tools" script in the app to add to your PATH)
  • Xcode (You can just install the Command Line Tools if you don't need an IDE)

Linux (Ubuntu or Debian 9.5+)

  • Git
  • CMake (eg, sudo apt install cmake)
  • Clang (eg, sudo apt install build-essential)

On Ubuntu you'll also need:

  • sudo apt install libx11-dev xorg-dev libglu1-mesa-dev

What’s Next